Thursday, July 28, 2011


The knight: A man descended from aristocracy. He possesses sharp intelligence and social prowess. He is his own songbird as much as he likes to dance to music. His jousting skills aren't particularly better than those of others, but he wields a mighty sword and I've experienced rousing duels such as they were. Sense of entitlement and hardheaded idealism for the nuclear family result in conflicts.

The brother: He has a magnetic personality that many are easily blinded by. He insinuates a demand for love and others willingly ply to his attractiveness. His kindness sweetens his allure. I'm aware of these enchantments at least. His ideas of love are based on folktales. That is to say, selflessness prevails for love according to him. It's been a point of debate. Regardless, idealistic stances haven't rifted the love between us. It's the practice that prevails. He is a sucker for novelty and has a deep apprehension to facing his demons.

The others: Men who has achieved success in their respective endeavors. They express logical, moderate views. They are not enough.

The rook: He has created thriving circles of commerce with respectful talent and relentless work. He is somewhat like the brother and knight, but he marches to his own watch and is mildly eccentric. We echo through serendipity. Given likeness, I still have difficulty penetrating his walls, and I believe the weakness lies within my very existence.